Wine Tastings

We are proud to offer wine tastings of Slovenian and international wines in the Vinica Castle. We invite you to a unique journey through the diverse wine regions, which will allow you to discover the richness and diversity of wine creation.

Our sommeliers are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you and offer you a wine tasting experience that includes both Slovenian and world renowned brands. You can enjoy a variety of wines, discovering new aromas, flavours and characteristics of each drink.

Wine tastings at Grad Vinica offer the ideal combination of elegant atmosphere and high-quality wines. As well as enjoying the wines themselves, you can admire the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and the historic architecture of the castle.

You are invited to delve into the world of wine making and discover new aspects of wine culture. Contact us for more information and to organise your unforgettable wine tasting in the Vinica Castle.

We look forward to your visit and to creating a unique wine experience in our beautiful Vinica Castle!