Eat at the Castle


Immerse yourself in history as you savor culinary delights, including our tantalizing grilled dishes. Experience the rustic charm of the castle while indulging in our carefully crafted menu, showcasing locally sourced ingredients. From grilled appetizers to decadent grilled main courses, each bite is a journey through time. Join us and savor the essence of Vinica Castle.


Plošča "Vinica" - 17 EUR ("Vinica" Platter)

Grajska enolončnica - 5 EUR (Castle Soup)

Ajdova kaša po grajsko - 7 EUR (Buckwheat Porridge, Castle Style)

Ajdova kaša z pečeno zelenjavo - 6 EUR (Buckwheat Porridge with Roasted Vegetables)

Piščančji medaljoni z pomfrijem - 8 EUR (Chicken Medallions with French Fries)

Pečeno jagnje 500 g - 18 EUR (Roasted Lamb)

Pečeno jagnje 1000 g - 36 EUR (Roasted Lamb)

Pečen odojek 500 g - 12.5 EUR (Roasted Suckling Pig)

Pečen odojek 1000 g - 26 EUR (Roasted Suckling Pig)

Postrv na žaru z pomfrijem - 14 EUR (Grilled Trout with French Fries)

Jagnječje pleče - 28 EUR (Lamb Shoulder)


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